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Defensive Night Driving

According to research, traffic death rates are three times greater at night than during the day.  
Many of us are unaware of night driving’s hazards or don’t know how to effectively deal with these hazards. Driving at night is more of a challenge than many people think. 
It sounds obvious, but when driving at night, your ability to see ahead, and the ability of other road users to see you, is reduced.

This defensive night driving course will equip you with the necessary skill to safely operate your vehicle at night when VISIBILITY is limited.

Duration: After sunset (theory & practical)
Vehicles: Client to provide
Venue: Your premises
Certification: A competence certificate will be issued
(valid for 2 years)

Course Outline:

This course comprises of a theoretical session followed by a practical on-road driving with an instructor carefully watching every manoeuvre.

    • Risks of driving at night
    • Decreased visibility
    • Depth Perception/Peripheral Vision
    • Colour Recognition
    • Distance judging/Speed judging
    • Over-driving headlights
    • Driver fitness & fatigue
    • Method of overtaking at night
    • How do our eyes work?
    • Guidelines for night driving
    • Headlights: Dim/Bright/Xenon Lights
    • Vehicle inspection – exterior & interior
    • Seating position & Steering position
    • What is a hazard?
    • System of vehicle control
    • S I P D E  system: Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute
    • Commentary driving
    • Reaction time/Brake distance recognition (ABS)
    • Following distance/Stopping distance
    • Economical driving
    • Debrief and Certification