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We specialise in hijack prevention, safety awareness as well as advanced driver training, Expat safety, 
self-defence, and risk assessments and solutions. 
It is always better to be proactive rather than reactive.

Hijack Prevention & Defensive Driving

1. Hijack Prevention & Security Awareness:
We are all potential victims of hijacking in South Africa. It is a horrifying reality we confront each day. Dedicated to achieving confident behaviour, this course provides step-by-step instruction on hijack prevention & increased awareness.
 *** This course is suited to Code B drivers.***

1) To improve awareness, enabling you to pre-empt a possible attack & avoid it.
2) How to get yourself/children/passengers safely out of the vehicle in the event of a hijacking.

Course Outline:

    • Motivation behind attacks
    • Driving in/out of the driveway: automatic & non-automatic gate
    • Housebreaking & Dog poisoning
    • While stationary at a traffic light/stop sign
    • Smash & Grab attacks
    • While stationary alongside the road
    • Filling stations
    • While stationary in parking area e.g. Shopping Mall
    • Armed robbery at Shopping Mall
    • While loading/off-loading passengers or goods
    • Blue Light Hijacking: Bogus Police/Traffic Officers
    • Cash-in-Transit robbery: How to react
    • Unrest situations: How to react
    • Kidnapping
    • Receiving deliveries (e.g. Courier services)
    • How to identify if you are being followed & how to react
    • Risks whilst driving at night & how best to overcome them
    • How to react during an attack, should you fall victim to the crime

A copy of the Hijack Prevention Guidelines document will be available via electronic mail.

2. Defensive Driving:

Definition of an Advanced Driver

An Advanced Driver is a person who drives to avoid collisions in spite of the actions of others or the presence of adverse conditions.

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive Driving is an attitude, a responsible way of thinking and reacting on the road. It is a frame of mind in which we ensure that we drive with the highest degree of skill, safety and consideration for other road users. The features which distinguish drivers from others is the ability to maintain required levels of concentration, and to anticipate, assess and respond appropriately to potential hazards continuously over long periods.

Defensive driver training raises the level of a driver’s overall effectiveness by increasing awareness, placing more knowledge at a driver’s disposal and sharpening skills of observation, perception and forward planning.

Duration: One day (theory & practical)

Vehicles: Client to provide
Venue: Your premises
Certification: A competence certificate will be issued (valid for 2 years)

Course Outline:

This course comprises of a theoretical session followed by a practical on-road driving with an instructor carefully watching every manoeuvre.
    • Vehicle inspection – exterior & interior
    • Seating position & Steering position
    • What is a hazard?
    • System of vehicle control
    • S I P D E system: scan, identify, predict, decide, execute
    • Commentary driving
    • Fatigue management/Driver fitness
    • Method of over overtaking
    • Reaction time/Brake distance recognition (ABS)
    • Following distance/Stopping distance
    • Sense of acceleration/Speed according to circumstances
    • Tyre safety & grip/Tyre sidewall lettering
    • Economical driving
    • Load & speed rating
    • Debrief and Certification