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We specialise in hijack prevention, safety awareness as well as advanced driver training, Expat safety, 
self-defence, and risk assessments and solutions. 
It is always better to be proactive rather than reactive.

Self-Defence Training

Self-defence is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm. Having self-defence skills are becoming more and more important to people. Self-defence techniques, applied accurately, are unquestionably the best way of ridding yourself of an aggressor promptly.

Be prepared, you never know when you might need to defend yourself.

Course Outline:

This course comprises of practical self-defence training with a hands-on approach. Training is provided in a relaxed but structured manner.

Dress comfortably, as you will probably work up a bit of a sweat.

    • Basic self-defence law
    • Basic “tools” of defence – avoid, deter, refuse, defer, escape
    • Understanding and controlling fear
    • Target areas on the attacker’s body
    • Counter attacking:
          – Choking
          – Holds
          – Grabs & anti-hijack techniques
    • Teaching How to breath
    • Teaching a positive attitude
    • Building confidence in one’s capabilities
    • Increasing awareness
   •  Additional: Pepper Spray/Taser can be added at a fee for each person,
      which will include basic instruction on the use thereof

2-3 hours depending on group size

Cost per person – Guideline only (excl VAT)

GROUP SIZE              P/P                      GROUP SIZE         P/P
1 – 10 pax                           R700                             31 – 40 pax                  R450
11 – 20 pax                         R650                            41 – 50 pax                   R400
21 – 30 pax                         R550                            100+ pax                       R250
1. Groups must be equal numbers – will be split in half to practice techniques
2. Pepper Spray & Taser will be added to your invoice

3. Where applicable, a travel fee will apply @ R4 – 25/km
4. Flight & accomodation not included
5. 50% deposit upon invoice to secure your booking  

Your premises.
                Our facilitator will provide all necessary equipment

Certification: An attendance certificate will be issued