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We specialise in hijack prevention, safety awareness as well as advanced driver training, Expat safety, 
self-defence, and risk assessments and solutions. 
It is always better to be proactive rather than reactive.

Hijack prevention & awareness – Commercial

Truck hijackings remain a great cause of concern for the transport industry. Being prepared is key!
Although you as the employer probably already have security measures in place, the need remains to further educate your employees on how to prevent a hijacking.
***This course is suited to transport vehicles ***                     
Code C1/C/EB/EC/EC1


1. To improve awareness, enabling you to pre-empt a possible attack & avoid it.
2. How to get yourself and/or passengers safely out of the vehicle in the event of a hijacking.

Course Outline:
   • Importance of educating your drivers.
   • Motivation behind attacks 
   • Why do hijackers target transport vehicles?
   • Improve awareness – anticipating possible hijacking hazards
   • Risks whilst driving at night & how best to overcome them
   • The modus operandi:
      – Signal jamming
      – While stationary alongside the road
      – Picking up hitchhikers/women
      – Objects on the road and on bridges
      – While loading/off-loading goods
      – Involvement of Police/Traffic Officers
      – Bogus Police/Traffic Officers/Blue light to pull the   vehicle off
  • Preventative techniques to avoid becoming a hijack target – different scenarios.

  • Practical – in and around a stationary vehicle:
    How to react during an attack, should you fall victim to the crime?

A copy of the Hijack Prevention Guidelines document will be available via electronic mail.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Let us know if you have time restraints as we can tailor-make the session.
Training will be conducted ON-SITE/ONLINE.

R6675-00 minimum fee up to 15 attendees
R8000-00 per group of 16 – 30 attendees
R8750-00 per group of 31 – 50 attendees
R9750-00 per group of 51 – 100 attendees
R10300-00 per group of over 100 attendees
   • Charge is per session
   • Pricing excludes VAT
   • Payment to be received before/on the day of training
   • Late payment fee – R1100,00 to be added to the course fee