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Kidnapping & Hostage Awareness

Kidnapping & Hostage Awareness Training 

Few anticipate being caught in a kidnapping or life-threatening situation, yet thousands find themselves in hostile, dangerous attacks every year. In these circumstances, knowing what to do can be the difference between surviving … or not.
This is a comprehensive training course that provides information about the risks and preventing, avoiding and surviving a kidnapping.

Topics Covered


* What is a kidnapping?
* Cultural Exemptions in SA Kidnapping Law
* Types of kidnapping x 7
* Kidnapping breakdown by percentage
* Kidnapping hotspots in South Africa
* Where can kidnapping take place:
    – Place of work
    – Home driveway – automatic & non-automatic            gate
    – Filling Stations
    – While stationary at a traffic light/stop sign
    – Bogus Police/Traffic Officers
    – While stationary in a parking area e.g. Shopping        Mall
* Night driving/Driving on the freeway:
  – Freeway Fishing
  – Spikes on the road
  – Digital Footprint
* What to do – Relatives of the victim
*  What do to – Victim of a kidnapping


1,5 hours

Please advise should you have time restraints as we can tailor-make the session.
Two options available: Training can be conducted ON-SITE/ONLINE.

Cost breakdown – per group, per session, excl VAT:

R6 675-00 minimum fee/up to 15 attendees
R8 000-00 per group of 16 – 30 attendees
R8 750-00 per group of 31 – 50 attendees
R9 750-00 per group of 51 – 100 attendees
R10 300-00 per group of over 100 attendees

• Payment to be made via EFT before/on the day of training.
• Late payments will incur an additional fee of R1 100-00 per course session.